Ruins And Ashes : Randewarn Frontier

The journey to Thomwell

The Spy who loved me...

Before departing Heileer, Boaz was confronted by the warmaster of the Sentinels, who had been enlisted by Rhaanos to investigate the settlement. Boaz did what he could to recollect the way they had come, but it wasn’t easy. the warmaster rewarded him with the standard issue Sentinel dagger, which should prove useful in the trials to come. It serves as a warning device should enemies be encroaching.

The party rendezvous with the caravan at a familiar stop, the crossroad post between Celdvel, the frontier, Thomwell, and Haileer. But, this time, our heroes recognizes a slight difference. The population of Ashenguards is down significantly.

Boaz continues his pursuits of the finer sex to a satisfying, if not brief, culmination. A night of awkward sexual tension, Boaz beds Vonda. The bath that morning was certainly a wise decision. Alas, as the journey continued toward Thomwell in the daylight hours, there was a bit of a regression in passion, leading to confusion and disconnect. Eventually culminating in a restless sleep for Boaz as he eyed Vonda’s tent. The night slowly passes with Sol’cas’ growing concern over his father and Guthug’s alcohol and size induced nearly supernatural snoring.

At some point in the night, Boaz catches a glimpse of Vonda sneaking from her tent and heading off into the fields. Seemingly becoming more comfortable with his dablings in magic, Boaz asks Sol’cas to make him invisible once again as he heads out into the night, successfully stalking Vonda to a meeting place, where she was revealed to be an agent of the Pact of Cardt. She was revealing to a man, later discovered to be called ‘Gems’ (and seemingly her supervisor) the activities of the group, in particular their growing ties with the elves. Gems seems to brush this off, saying that they are still of use and have yet to commit to any course of action.

The next day, the party reports to the Pact of Cardt, requesting the release of Myrphis. With little hesitation, he is released, but devoid of any of the materials he had previously uncovered. He ventures back to Heileer, leaving the party to see to a new proposal from the Pact.

Interested in seeing where this might lead, the party agrees to venture into a local ruin with the overseer’s ring, and see what relics and mysteries await therein. They have agreed to return any relics of import to Gems through an associate sent to meet them at the ruin.


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