Ruins And Ashes : Randewarn Frontier

Welcoming Party

Journeying deeper into Randewarn, the party takes the initiative to get more familiar with what seems to be a different but recognizable landscape. You show the kind of gumption and skill it takes to survive in the wilderness by collecting poisons and herbs and familiarizing yourself with the local wildlife.

But, deeper still, the world becomes a touch more strange. What was once a path begins to show itself to be a smooth stone roadway of an alien craftsmanship and even an alien material. Stranger still, a cloudless storm of radiant intensity hoovers over the landscape in the distant south east, contrasted by the tall, snow capped mountains visible to the distant south west.

The hills rolling up around the strange stone pathway served up a trying foe; A foe clever or lucky enough to even use the setting sun as a weapon against you. They waylaid your caravan, some half dozen peculiar and ravenous humans shouting in an elven dialect. In the chaos, Gramdam and Fallo were injured, but spared death’s embrace. Not all in the party were so lucky, but such is the way of things when sharp objects begin to fly.

Other misfortunes to fall upon the group in this encounter include a grievous wound to the stomach sustained by Boaz. An arrow to the chest and several grazing blows incurred by Guthug.

Being as this was a fatal and trying encounter, Sol’cas felt unnecessary to conjure the forces of the parallel in plain sight. If the rest of the caravan was uneasy about an elf in their presence, it will be interesting to see their response to this development.

Finally, one of the assailants were captured and their wounds tended. What information will he be willing to divulge.


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