Kullg is a kobold mage who apparently served Glot’nos. He is a master painter with an eccentric personality.

He has a Pseudodragon familiar that keeps him company in his reclusive cave in the bone delta.


Kullg is a small and simple box holding an intricate and complex wealth of contents. In our short time together I’ve learned much about the two millennia of lost history, albeit from a very limited scope.

This kobold was most notably, putting his masterful painting skills aside for the moment, a dear friend and counterpart to a ‘Rsalthsar’. Rsalthsar was a Dragon of unknown age that existed in disguise amongst the imperial elves. But this wasn’t just some elf lost to history like so many others. This was none other than Glat’nos! For those less versed in arcane history than myself, I will elaborate. Glat’nos was an elf of significant renown which he earned as the inventor of a now lost style of arcane refinement dubbed ‘Runecasting’ This lost art was once the lifeblood of the empire, connecting, enhancing, and sustaining it from its central capital to its far reaches. He was a truly revolutionary figure and this is a truly revolutionary discovery.

Obviously, among many other curious suppositions, If the fourth and final ruler of the empire was indeed the descendant of Glat’nos, she too must share draconic blood. The significance of this cannot be overstated.

It was, and yet is, the craft of Glat’nos, or Rsalthsar, that has sustained my new friend here for over a thousand years. Thanks to this craft, he need not eat or drink or worry of illness. But, with such prolonged exposure, his system can no longer even tolerate food or drink. As well, he seems particularly fearful of prolonged time outside of his home and its nearby vicinity.

So, for the time, he and I will be neighbors. I will continue to discuss with him what he has learned, as he will surely continue to expect reciprocal skills and trinkets in return.

-Loremaster Callimusk


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