Madam Hellena Silvertongue


Human Female Age 45

A vuluptuous woman whose personailty matches her figure, Hellen
sports curled dark brown locks, a large hourglass figure that seems to have
recently aged a bit, always pursed lips and large brown doe eyes.

She swears she added the name silvertongue because in her day a night with her
was worth a bar of silver. She’s seemingly kind, but protective of her girls (2 of which
are her own daughters).

She’s loud, quite the flirt, and sometimes a bit over the top for her own good.

-Terra Silvertongue
Human female Age 31

Hellen’s oldest daughter, Terra seemed to have taken largely after her mother.
She looks almost like a younger version of her mom, with lighter and smoother
brown hair and a more reserved dress and demeanor.

Terra was born while hellen was still young. She grew up in whorehouses and learned
how to keep her mouth shut which may be due to the large personality of her mom.

-Liliana Silvertongue
Human (half elf?) Female Age 16

Hellen’s suprise, Liliana is the gem of Hellena’s eye. She looks almost elven (and
rumors swirl that she may very well be). She sports Long golden hair with one large braid
going down her back, and a slender facial structure.

She dresses in nothing but finery. She’s seductivie, if not downright manipulative. Little
is known as she is the most expensive of all the Madam’s women.

human female age 32
Dreamt of being a warrior. Was injured sparing with her brother. Figured she’d
do the next best thing with her life. Tall, amazon, Auburn Hair. No nonsense.

Human female age 24
Petite and mousy. Smokes a lot of Valerian Root.

Human Female Age 28
Plays a bit of the lute in her downtime. Trys her best to sing, the others
poke fun at her.


Madam Hellena Silvertongue

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