Ruins And Ashes : Randewarn Frontier


Trail of blood

Engem ‘Gems’ Groth was a man of his word, it seems. For their cooperation with the white dragon in Ashenfeld, a package was delivered to the heroes. It contained an old journal of a Gnomish Parallis miner. With that, there were four Runestones. These are a new form of runecasting that the party had never seen or heard of that can provide significant enchantments to those who hold them.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck soon after. Nasae, the elven architect commissioned for the Inn, was raped and murdered late into the night. The event was presumably fairly quick as ruckus was ignored by those in the camp. The grisly scene was first happened upon by Gramdam. Shortly after, with some consideration, he brought the situation to Guthug, Boaz, and Sol’cas before anyone else.

With the skills of seasoned investigators, hunters, and interrogators, the heroes were able to track and incarcerate the offender before breakfast. As word of the heinous tragedy began to spread, members of this makeshift community pulled together on a couple simultaneous projects. First, Nasae’s remains were prepared a traditional High Elven funeral ceremony. Second, the elven carpenters erected Gallows under the instructions of MaKantz. These elves, in all their hundreds of years of life had never found cause to erect gallows. Jack knew the gist.

The culprit of the murder, a miner named Galder, was hung at sundown near the foundation of the Inn. Hours after, Jallenomen performed the funeral rites and nearly the entire town was present to see.

The next morning, Gramdam stumbled upon another corpse. This time, it was the remains of a dear friend. Fyrn Guyron hung from the rafters of his cabin. His home was tidied, his affairs were in order, and Dog was left with a full food bowl outside. Fyrn was given a traditional Ashenfeld burial ceremony as Gramdam spoke of him to the townsfolk, who had worked with him in this new world for some time now.

Once all was said and done, there was some obvious concerns that needed addressed. Who would make the rules? Who would enforce them? Will the town finally be named?! For these and other concerns, a council has been formed, dubbed the Council of Nasae. The first council meeting will occur the evening after Fyrn’s funeral.


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