Ruins And Ashes : Randewarn Frontier

Founding Maddiston

Defenses tested.

The council of Nasae was, at first, an unnatural fit. The setting was made awkward for some by the location, being held directly under the hanging post of the late Fyrn Guyron. The musty smells of death, dog, orc, elf, whore and man clashed in the enclosed space. But, the issues at hand and the hopes for relief after the night’s trying events eventually distracted the council.

After some deliberation, more questions were raised than answers. But, the role of Boaz as mayor, the name of the town, “Maddiston”, and the council member status of those present was established and settled. It is clear that running the town, even as small as it is, will be a monumental undertaking. Dragons and extra planar beings may just be the prefered dilemma.

As if by some divine grace, the party found the seeds of destruction once sewn had broke soil and a slayable challenge presented itself. Messengers met on the road to the Bone Delta delivered urgent news before collapsing. Hordes of gnolls set up camp near the keep with clear intentions of slaughter. The mysterious drakes were keeping scouts at bay, but the threat was imminent.

Antlers, Garathmuk, Sol’cas, Galbin, and Guthug prepared makeshift defenses to reinforce the keep as Boaz scouted ahead to where the gnolls were waiting. It was determined that at least three separate tribes of distinct gnolls, each with their own water staff, had joined together, led by a single powerful entity. This otherwise mundane looking gnoll emanated a great energy and influence and was paired with a vicious and large creature that seemed some mix between a demon and a hyena.

As night fell. The gnoll forces fell upon the keep. The assault was initiated by some kind of telepathic communication. It was made clear in the minds of everyone present that this powerful gnoll was interested in one thing. He was there for the water staff that the party had recently taken from the pack of gnolls nipping from Romondo’s goat herd.

An eldritch blast from on high declared to the gnolls that there was no intention of returning the staff. With that, the assault began.

After considerable violence, many lumberers, miners, goblins, and drakes lay dead. But, all of the gnolls were slain. The soil of the Bone Delta relishes in their blood. From the carnage, the party, and the town gained a few powerful relics. Each of the three gnoll tribes had its own Water Staff with Batteries and corrupted batteries to power them. In addition, a powerful and dangerous weapon is now in the hands of Guthug. Wielded by a capable warrior, this morningstar consists of three loosely tied skulls that each affect the target in a different and devastating way.

The fate of Maddiston, and Randewarne rests in the hands of its protectors and benefactors. What will be their next move?


Boaz – “This is a good time to reflect on the connection of all our actions. Now that we have taken on the responsibility of managing Maddiston, we have to ensure our choices limit the possibility of danger coming to our home.”

Founding Maddiston
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