Ruins And Ashes : Randewarn Frontier

Once more through the breach...

After the raid

There were mixed feelings among the denizens of the Bone Delta after successfully defending the raid. Many felt relief and pride for the success. Many expressed loss for those that could not share in that success. The notion of losing kin over a trinket did not sit well with some. Alas, much was gained. Further, as made clear by Sol’cas, a great threat was removed from the vantage of the best possible grounds. How this event will settle in the days to come, it cannot be known.

Boaz and Sol’cas spent some time settling and healing the heroic blackscale drake who took the full force of the Gnoll leader’s grisly weapon. He was affectionately dubbed “Manglemaw”. In the following days, Manglemaw spent his time just outside the westward entrance, keeping closer than the other drakes.

After several days, the lumberers, miners, and others were back to their tasks. The newly acquired water staffs were left with Callimusk, but for one, which Sol’cas decided to keep. The initial intention for coming back to the Delta, before an unfortunate distraction, was to use the gate to return to the promenade to investigate further.

Upon entering the gate in the early morning, the scene was significantly different than before. They were affronted immediately by the bright desert sun. The cloud of corruption that hung over this place had cleared. All that remained were the stinking extraplanar corpses that littered the ruined promenade.

One sorry creature remained. A bloated toad like creature with a distended belly stupidly attacked the heroes. He was easily put to rest. But, during the fight, Guthug’s newly acquired weapon exploded the creature’s stomach, causing its contents, an abundance of Corrupted Batteries, to erupt outward. It could be concluded that the Demons here were desperately ingesting these batteries in place of their lost source of nourishment. When the batteries were more scarce, they were being wrested from the guts of the other.

The heroes concluded their inspection of the promenade at the same place they faced the bartering Glabrezu torturer, whose corpse yet remained. After a thorough investigation of the area in the light of day, the party managed to find a thousand year old hatch. Therein, several pure batteries were found, as well as the dusty remains of some unfortunate holed up elves and a few manual excerpts on the creation and testing of batteries.

With this, the party returned home though the gate.


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